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PlayStation China conference 2019: CG of Apocalypse: Wrath of Mahakala
发布时间 : 2019-08-19 15:08

I believe that players have enjoyed an audio-visual feast of the game at the PlayStation China conference 2019.It was a great honor for our new game, Apocalypse: Wrath of Mahakala, to participate in this conference. In addition to the first CG trailer, the first character rescue team member Xu Shuwen was also announced. We told a story about an ordinary man's hero dream, a journey of growth, and a determination to bring birth to people in front of the burning bonfire, under the night sky of the stars, before the sun rise.


At the same time, the second half of the CG also revealed a lot of information, broken walls and ruins, an old woman chanting the scriptures, an oil lamp with fire slowly extinguished, a door of life opened a step later and so on. Of course, there were more people waiting for you to rescue this disaster. Bigger challenges, more choices, life and death, anitya, would be integrated into the snow with the scripture chanting.

If the CG brings you a different feeling, you can believe the game will be more exciting and profound. If you are interested in our new game Apocalypse: Wrath of Mahakala, you can join our player community to discuss and play together, and you may have exclusive news and interesting activities at any time!