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Mars Alive landed in 2018 London Tech Week
发布时间 : 2019-07-24 10:52

What is London Tech Week?

As the driving force of science and technology in Europe and even in the world, the UK has always been outstanding in science and technology innovation. London is the largest innovation city in Europe, with more than 36 technology incubators. This is the European headquarters of Google, Apple and Facebook.

In order to promote European technology exchanges and technological development, the UK holds a large-scale London Tech Week every year. London Technology Week is the largest technology event in Europe, bringing together state-of-the-art technology projects and delivering cutting-edge technological achievements. 2018 London Tech Week was also held from June 11th to June 17th.

What do you play this year

Every year, the London Tech Week shows the world's latest technology products, so London Tech Week has attracted the attention of technology enthusiasts and industry insiders. Future Tech was well prepared for this trip to the UK with a big update from the corporate image to the game content. This tech week is also the first appearance of the new VI for Future Tech.

Overseas technology enthusiasts have shown great interest in Mars Alive, a virtual reality game from the Chinese team. It has been said that make Mars accessible and interesting.

What's new in Mars Alive

The most shocking sense of presence has always been our pursuit. As the first feeling of the player entering the game, it is also the stage where the game story takes place - the terrain and climate change of Mars, the whole team has been polished with almost paranoid details, the topographic features of the game, climate change and other details must be fund he scientific basis in reality.

In order to let players experience the most realistic alien survival, we have restored the geomorphological features and weather conditions of Mars when designing the stage where the story takes place.

In the production of Mars scenes, we made a lot of reference to NASA's Mars pictures and professional books, and also received the support of professional Mars scientists which made the game have detailed scientific evidence such as the form of footprints left on Mars, the shape of Mars snowflakes, the blue sunrise on Mars, and get professional advice. It is these scientifically based details that make our game more rigorous and full.

In addition, for the Mars Alive game itself, we also hope to maintain updates for a long time, enrich more characters and plots, deepen and enrich the existing systems, add more interesting new systems, and build more ambitious. The world view makes the game constantly well-stacked.